About us

Eco & Culture Tours is a dependable Tour Operator company that is based in Zanzibar. We are registered and licensed to provide world-class travel adventures for travellers from across the world by the Commission of Tourism Zanzibar and Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB). Eco & Culture Tours is a leader in conservation management and member of the Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators (ZATO). We have worked with different tour operators from different parts of the world such as UK, Canada, Kenya, USA, and South Africa in empowering communities and caring for their land and people. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best tour services as evidenced in the reviews we have received in the past on forums such Trip Advisor.

Our objectives are to foster sustainable economic development in the Entire region, including Zanzibar, and contribute to Community Based Organizations (CBO). We partner with various non-profit organizations to raise funds for various community projects in Zanzibar’s rural areas − building classrooms and training both teachers on how to promote environmental awareness. We have the best ecotourism approach in creating various business opportunities and executed numerous projects that have empowered the community at large. Our dynamic conservation approach has played a major role in protecting and monitoring turtles at Nungwi Mnarani aquarium.

We believe that the most beneficial way of providing our travellers with the best services and rewarding wildlife and neighbouring communities is by recognizing Zanzibar’s most precious natural resource, which is our heritage of land and animals. Eco & Culture Tours offers a wide range of environmental and cultural day tours that provide travellers with unique experiences by connecting freely with local people while understanding different cultural, social and environmental issues. We work with different established Hotels in Zanzibar to make sure your experience is memorable.

The company is owned by native Zanzibarians and works closely with established hotels in Zanzibar to generate an income for boosting the local economy. As a local tour operator, we engage in different environment-friendly practices in order to keep the entire community clean and healthy. Since we prefer not to be limiting in our operations in doing what we do best, we are currently running operations in Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania.

Our purpose and primary objective is to work closely with each of our clients in delivering customized services that leave them yearning for more. In addition, we offer Incentive Travel, conferences, wedding, honeymoon, expeditions, and cultural studies in our special interest tours packages. We have a team of experienced travel specialists who are committed to welcoming, listening, and advising our clients in regards to their various expectations about Hotel Bookings, Packages, Safaris, and Car and Motorbike Hire throughout Tanzania. On our website, you can find recommended Safaris all around Tanzania and the Zanzibar itineraries that our travel specialists have designed for you.