Pronto Casino Trip to Zanzibar

Eco & Culture tours is always searching for new tours in order to add them to our current list. There are a lot of great places to enjoy along the shore and that is why we keep expanding our tours. Eco & Culture can now proudly say that we added one more specific tour to our portfolio: the casino tour! The combination of the perfect holiday and winning some real cash during your stay is the ideal way to spend your time in Zanzibar. This is why the company Pronto Casino together with guests of theirs from Japanese online casino company Ayaka casinos reached out to us a couple of weeks ago. The group of staff are heading to Zanzibar this summer and while exploring this beautiful area, they also would like to explore the world of casinos. Even though Eco & Culture offers customized tours, we never received a request like this before.

We immediately started to plan the entire package, including a special tour along all the casinos that can be found in Zanzibar. We have created a customized casino tour including a bus transfer, lunch, several casinos visits and a small drink in the best cocktail bar in town. The group of Pronto Casino consist out of 20 people, divided over different kind of professions within the organization. We will meet web developers, game developers, office assistants and IT specialists. Even though the diversity of this group is so unique, they still have one thing in common: the love for gambling and casinos! This is why we believe this tour would be a great fit for a company likePronto Casino.

Since all the casinos are located in hotels, we will visit multiple hotel locations like the british top casinos resort in order to have a great time with the group. They will be able to discover many different casino and hotel interiors, join a table game while doing so and explore the African way of gambling. Eco & Culture developed a tour with 5 different casino stop and that will take a full day. By the end of the day, the bus will stop at a delicious restaurant where the staff will be introduced to the tasty kitchen of Zanzibar. Afterwards, they can enjoy a drink in the cocktail bar next to the restaurant. The most fun part of customized tours is that the tourists can decide what to do. If they would like to stay in a particular casino a little longer, it won’t be any problem to us. We will always set our priorities to the tourists, since they are the key of our business.

Would you like to know more about the customized possibilities and tours? Eco & Culture would be happy to help you out by creating a custom tour for you or your company. We can also recommend our wine tour through the area of Zanzibar! If you would like to know some specific details about our business or one of our tours? Please reach out to us in order to discuss all the possibilities. The Pronto Casino group will arrive in August and we will be posting pictures on our social media channels in order to update you all on how the tour went!