Sigma Raises €110,000 For Charities In Africa

the massive online gaming company created quite the stir in the market with their challenge of raising money for charities in Africa. In fact, when a name as big as Sigma in the casino gaming world takes up an activity like this, it is sure to make news! This big gambling company otherwise invests most of its effort in bringing the best live casino games to the table, including the likes of Live Roulette and Blackjack. With so many interesting games in their kitty, this is definitely a gaming company to watch out for!

A couple of years back, the Sigma team took on a massive challenge to raise money for charities in Africa. Three of their members trained hard for many months to be able to climb the Kilimanjaro Mountain in Kenya.

These three challengers, namely Laima, Sophie, and Denis, were inspired by the team that took up a challenge before them. And what was the reward for the challenge? This involved the development of a 3-in-1 facility in the Ethiopian village of Bulbula. This project included:

  • A house that could give shelter to 100 physically disabled, deaf, and blind children in Kenya.
  • A clinic situated in Sakko
  • A kindergarten school in Gambella, Ethiopia

What Were Their Reasons For Taking Up This Challenge?

Since the team was already training in Malta for 10 months, initially, their reason for the challenge was to explore the island and the surrounding places. Gradually, they felt more for the cause. They were also intrigued by the training schedules that started at 5 am every day, including all Sundays! Effectively, it took the team 6 days to make the climb and reach the summit. Thereafter, they spent another two days to get back down.

Toiling through bad weather and long treks, the team successfully managed to complete the challenge. The entire trip ranged from Kenya to Zanzibar and eventually at Dar es Salaam. In effect, they were able to raise a whopping €110,000 for the challenge. Unfortunately, the team of three members was not able to view the project in action. This is because they had to fly back to work before the project commenced. However, they have seen the pictures of the work in motion, and they are extremely proud to have contributed to a cause like this.

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