Top 5 casino hotels in Zanzibar

Are you yearning for a holiday along the shores of the Indian Ocean? There are a lot of great places to enjoy the East African sun along the shores of the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is one such location. There is so much to admire when you get to this island paradise with white pristine beaches and 5 star accommodations for the best vacation. Here is a rundown of
five of the most sought after hotels you could vacation at. This is list for the holiday maker looking to have some wagering fun in a foreign land. You should have a blast playing your favorite casino games as you stay in these hotels.

1. Bluebay Resort and Spa

The resort has been offering five-star accommodation since 1999. With sprawling gardens graced by palm trees, indoor pools, air conditioned outdoor spaces, pedal boating, canoeing, sailing and a night club among many other facilities, you are assured of the full Zanzibar experience.

The hotel is also close to the Kichwele Forest reserve where you get to see a wide variety of game and birds as well as the Saharan Sunset. When the sun goes down, enjoy a thriving night life at the nightclub which is part of the hotel. While you are at it, do visit the casino and try your luck. You will appreciate the quick service as well as multilingual staff ready to
help you maneuver the expansive resort hassle-free for the perfect vacation.

2. Sultan Sands Island Resort
The hotel is located close to the city center yet offers all the trappings of beach life. Form the resort you can easily visit the Chumbe Island Coral Park and the House of Wonders exhibiting all the wonderful elements that make Zanzibar the tourist destination it is. Enjoy alfresco dining next to the beach or in the manicured gardens as the birds chirp their delightful songs. Kisauni airport is a 40-minute drive from the hotel so it is no hassle catching flights to or from the resort. There are lots of on-site leisure options such as an outdoor pool, night club, canoeing, gym, tennis courts and casino. The casino hosts a good selection of slot machines and table games.

3. AHG Waridi Beach Resort and Spa

When it comes to vacationing in Zanzibar, the white sandy beaches are a prominent feature. The AHG Waridi is a beachfront property with a breathtaking view of the ocean from the rooms. The resort has 62 climate-controlled rooms and a 24 -hour reception. It is 45 minutes away from the Kisauni airport by car. At the AGH Waridi you can enjoy activities such as diving, water skiing, canoeing and spa treatments. There is never a dull moment for the
gambling fans as you can enjoy the in-house casino which features a nice decor, a good selection of casino games and professional staff.

4. Dream of Zanzibar

Close to the Kisauni airport and the Kichwele Forest Reserve, Dream of Zanzibar is a 5-star resort aptly named. Enjoy the tropical gardens, outdoor swimming, gambling at the in-house casino and much more. Rooms come with complimentary toiletries, free Wi-Fi, a spa bathtub as well as other amenities. Guest can also access valet parking, a fitness center, a sunbathing
terrace and laundry. The casino features plenty of table games like Roulette and Blackjack, plus some slot machines.

5. Porsche House

The Porsche apartment is a home away from home. Here, you can enjoy the tropical sun and stay in fully furnished apartments complete with a kitchen. The hotel is close to the Mangapwani Coral Cave and the Mbweni ruins which hold a world of history about the local area. Guests can enjoy in-room comforts such as pay TV, personal computer and on-demand movies. There are a lot of leisure activities to enjoy that are sure to make you feel relaxed. The resort casino is well maintained and hosts all the popular casino games for guests to enjoy.

A visit to the island of Zanzibar is bound to be an eye-opening experience. What with the friendly locals, lively nights and the beach you are sure to enjoy your holiday. Wagering fans looking to enjoy a holiday in the island can stay at one of these and never miss their favorite thrill. If you enjoy playing online, then a visit to where you can play เวปคาสิโนออนไลน์ or is recommended for all the latest news and updates. The casino guide caters for players from Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and Vietnam.